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28 Mar 2015

Your appetite for digital signage technology among hotel operators is growing. Market intelligence from IHS iSuppli captured reported how the hospitality sector was among the top three market destinations for digital signage displays next year. It is a trend that is expected to continue through 2012 with wayfinding applications leading the way on digital signage content.

Wayfinding is fantastic to see in hotels. It saves guests serious amounts of minimizes disruption to non-reception staff carrying out their daily duties. Industry analysts suggest that these 4 elements alone help digital signage in hotels achieve strong ROI.

But because smartphone apps get smarter, plus more wayfinding software comes onto the market - Google's Glass for example may potentially help guests navigate their way around a hotel minus the guest ever the need to consider a wayfinding screen or map - it's a use that may soon become lost without purpose. rocketnews

What then for anyone LCD screens you've committed to? Are they going to hang in your lobby mimicking broken TV screens?

Here are five alternative uses, which offer strong ROI potential, through better customer engagement:

1. Multi-language content:Service international guests inside their home language. Multi-language digital signage content served by way of a touchscreen LCD unit may help guests of most nationalities access hotel concierge services, make hotel restaurant reservations or simply help them to acclimatize to their surroundings. It'll save your valuable staff time coping with guest inquiries in languages in which they may not be familiar.

2. Hotel restaurant reservations:Come up with engaging digital happy to market your hotel restaurant. It's rarely certain that guests will dine along with you. Be preserving your own restaurant the center of attention however you will probably gain in dining guests - along with an instantaneous translation to higher hotel restaurant sales.

3. Neighborhood promotion: Collaborate with local event organizers, shops and service providers to advertise themselves to your guests through content in your screens. You'll basically be selling ad' space that may prove lucrative for parties involved.

4. Guest-Only loyalty rewards: Make guest-only loyalty rewards available through exclusive hotel content. You may need an interactive touchscreen, and also the capacity to present proposes to guests via digital signage software.

5. Wedding venue promotion: Are you guilty of your hotel like a wedding venue? Should you choose, you will want to capture the eye of potential couples utilizing a digital signage screen to promote the services you receive. An interactive touchscreen is acceptable best. Content could be both informational and interactive. For example, you might present them with a space planner, list of guests builder and availability calendar.


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